Virtual Reality Training Modules

for holistic, innovative and efficient cleanroom training

Humans are the biggest contamination source. And nobody wants to make mistakes.

The number of untrained people needing access to cleanrooms is increasing and more complex processes require more complicated machines which need dedicated service. Employees need training whenever possible, not only once a month.

How can we deal with the high demand for cleanrooms?

raise efficiency

increase quality

lower costs

Virtual Reality cleanroom training

Virtual Reality can be used to create a virtual space for cleanroom training. That space is accessible from everywhere with enough room to imitate such a facility, but without the need of an actual fully equipped cleanroom.

We are developing a highly accurate application with better tracking of user results than any traditional method could offer, without any barrier of language or age. Even more content right here.

Status Quo

Why cleanroom training becomes more and more important
  • Increasing number of untrained people need access to cleanrooms
  • More complex processes require more complicated machines which need dedicated service
  • Employees need training whenever possible (not only once a month)
  • Training certificates (audits)
  • Cost sensitivity


Why we wanted to improve cleanroom training
  • Cleanroom training should be more efficient (digitalization helps)
  • Cleanroom training in existing cleanrooms is difficult (contamination)
  • Number of cleanrooms is increasing
  • Training requirement growing
  • Training becomes more important
  • Make it useable for everybody (age, nationality,…)

Our solution

Virtual reality training modules
  • No real cleanroom but only space needed (no contamination)
  • Use of VirtualReality at customer facilities
  • Easy and Playful
  • No language barrier
  • Verifies behavior according to the required procedures
  • Flexibility
  • Transportable
  • Access control recorded
  • Customizable (facility / person)

VR Training Modules

Subline for training modules

  • Processes require, to strictly follow procedures
  • Procedures are unknown and not clear to most of the external people entering the cleanroom
  • Training is necessary for everybody entering the cleanroom (recorded for audits)

After equipping the VR glasses you enter your virtual cleanroom. Then you swing over the imaginary sit-over bench. Now several activities are required to be followed in the correct order
and according to the procedures:

  • Washing hands
  • Disinfecting hands
  • Put on gloves, cap, face mask, overall/coat, and shoes in the correct order
  • Verify in a mirror
If everything is done correctly, an imaginary door opens
  • Increase cleaning efficiency
  • Verify cleaning efficiency
  • Achieve performance feeling
  • Optimize cleaning processes
  • Increase performance
  • Reduce costs


  • Cleaning of a surface (floor, walls, ceiling, workspaces,…)
  • Cleaning as fast as possible
  • Maximum coverage with one mop or wipe

Typical failures

  • Triple coverage (waste)
  • Open spots (risk)
  • Cleaned area too small (waste)
  • Cleaned area too big (risk)
Training will make the process more efficient
  • VReal cleaning with non real hardware
  • When performance area of mop is covered the mop turns red
  • Gaining feeling for cleaning and performance
  • Analyze the wiping pattern (double traces, missing sections,…)
  • Increase security of cleaning / disinfecting
  • Provide red wire for optimal cleaning pattern
  • Avatar to show best wiping process

Data is analyzed and saved in personal files for audit purposes

  • Efficient use of wipes
  • Optimize covered area
  • Folding process improvement
  • No open spots

Your Benefits Supersede

Why you should invest into digital cleanrooms today

  • Training hardware is separated from real cleanroom
  • Training at any time
  • Better results bring higher efficiency
  • Hardware transportable
  • Easy setup at training site
  • Staff enjoy training
  • Easy pre-qualification
  • Audit records available
  • Almost no boundaries

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